Thursday, April 16, 2009

Its great Ben Jai!!Keep it up..

When ever the word “server” comes to mind or in a talk we often site to the hardware manufactured(orimage composed) by MNC’s like Dell,Sun,Intel etc..But Google with its search engine has to redefine “its server” term because If It has bought costly servers from any heavy manufacturers then It has to pay a lot and also differential efficiency matters

On April 1,2009 Google has revealed its secret server that has been in use from 2005.The astonishing fact is that even sun has revealed its server rack concept before getting it in practice and won many accolades but Google using such heavy efficient server racks for more than 3 years in secrecy is a lot to think.In 2005 Google had thought to redefine its server strategy as on Internet  word “search” is replaced by “Google” mostly stressing on cost and energy efficiency.



It is interesting to see that there is a battery in each server.In any power failure situation alternate power comes to rescue as UPS but here several questions were raised to Ben as why he adopted such a Battery approach.His answer was simple.

Any UPS in the market doesn’t have efficiency more than 96%.This 12V battery is used to power the server when there is power outage.Normally batteries have more efficiency and we achieved energy efficiency up to 99.9%  constantly.

He also confirmed that Google's data centers now have reached efficiency levels that the Environmental Protection Agency hopes will be attainable in 2011 using advanced technology.This server uses 2 Intel Nehalem processors on Gigabyte boards.See this page to know more interesting facts about this beast.It was said that these boards are specially designed only for Google and are not available in markets.It has 8 DIMM sockets.This whole server was designed by Ben in 2005.It was revealed that he churned out a lot of his ability to get such low cost server as Google started taking in fresh hardware Managers in late 2005 as his colleagues.



See this page for more of this server design

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The usage of internet


Internet is being used for many purposes normally little good and slightly little bad.This picture gives the instrument which can measure the usage of computers/internet between Paris in France and Paris Hilton..I think needle is not pointing correctly

Sharp your pencil like this.