Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Perfect Notebook from Acer..For Gamers at dead cheap


Aspire 8930G-7665 is the new Acer Gemstone Blue notebook continuing the award-winning computer design line. It is powered by the high-performance Intel Core 2 Quad Q9000 processing unit for high-definition imaging and support for latest video games.Created especially for gaming and multimedia applications, the new model with full-sized keyboard and an unusually large 18.4-inch display, features 2.53 GHz processing speeds, as well as the Acer CrystalBrite TFT LCD screen with HD CineCrystal technology at 1920 x 1080 pixels.

It comes equipped with Blu-ray Disc, NVIDIA GeForce 9700M GT graphics featuring 512MB dedicated memory, Dolby audio, 4GB DDR3 dual channel system memory, 500GB 7200RPM SATA storage capacity, a 6-in-1 media card reader, Wireless N support, a built-in Acer Crystal Eye web camera, Dolby Home Theater and runs on the Microsoft Windows Vista Premium 64-bit operating system.

“By incorporating the latest capabilities of Intel’s Core 2 Quad mobile processors into the Aspire 8930G-7665, Acer is delivering a perfect combination of mobility, innovation and extreme gaming capabilities,” declared Sumit Agnihotry, vice president of product marketing for Acer America. “Gamers and enthusiasts who enjoy HD multimedia entertainment will find the performance benefits of quad core mobile performance in the Aspire 8930G unrivalled to other multimedia notebooks on the market.”

The new Acer Gemstone Blue notebook has a starting price of $1799

Some technical content of 2008

2008 is the year which made us to think mostly internally and safety.

I would like to present some of biggest advancements in technology and its allied fields..

1) Apple iPhone..

image image

Naturally, Apple iPhone has created a space for another type of cell phones in the market.This phone is a smartest one with a sensitive touch screen, clear camera, look and feel design and powerful Microprocessor.This phone has created a lot of fuzz in the market and it had made other coz like Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Sony etc..  flush out some touch screen models to face It. Nokia’s N95 is considered as the biggest iPhone threat, everyone agrees with just specifications and clarifies with usage because both costs same.Other models like LG Prada, Samsung F700, Meizu M8, SonyEricsson Xperia,Samsung Ominia, HTC Diamond, Nokia Tube etc… are well known iPhone killers.LG claimed that iPhone design is copied from theirs model Prada.

iPhone has been targeted by Hackers. Many hackers are able to develop softwares which can  unlock  iPhone with out activation.Many programs are available on Net to unlock iPhone.Apple developed a compiler for third-party applications. With this compiler many developers and coz are able to prepare softwares, games and many other required and handy applications which made iPhone much smarter. Even here hackers are able to make their presence..Some applications are developed by hackers which are vulnerable to iPhone.So, if u are downloading or buying third-party applications from apple site check the manufacturer of that application.

Whatever may be competition within these companies consumers satisfaction has been levited as they are witnessing a new era of mobile computing.

2) Processors..

image image

Today is not for a single processor, its the multi-core processor which took importance and acceptance of usage for overclocking. In 2008, processors shifted from single pentium-IV to dual-core and then to core 2 duo & quad-core. Intel has specified Its 65nm Octa-Core processors will roll out in mid-2009.In 2008 there has been a shift in processing power and cores.Many people still today get confused with the Names of these processors.

Core 2 duo is the new Conroe cpu from Intel, and it is a dual-core cpu(2 processors on 1 chip).
'Dual-core' is just a generic term for any cpu that has 2 processors on the 1 chip.
'Quad core' would be the generic term for a cpu with 4 processors on the 1 chip.

Every processor has a code name.All Core 2 Duos are currently Conroes. Conroe is simply the code name for it, as all CPU manufacturers give their CPUs codenames before they're released.Such as the Pentium 4 had Willamette, Northwood and Prescott. The Pentium III had Katmai and Coppermine. Not all codenames are as creative, for instance, the original Pentium MMX was codenamed P55C.

Though Intel processors are considered top for priority, their Motherboards have been facing stiff competition from NVIDIA. Nvidia is a graphics processing company which develops Graphics solutions and Advanced Graphics Cards.Today this company’s Motherboards are considered an alternative to Intel’s one. Apple selected Nvidia Motherboards for their MacBooks.This has created bigger rippled talk in Hardware market for not selecting Intel.Meantime AMD has shocked the market in december’08 as they started rolling out their quad-core processors without announcing any launch.

Don’t expect to see any major leaps in performance from these dual-cores and quad-cores. Two cores don’t mean twice the performance, nor do four cores quadruple the performance. Confusing? Not really, just a different game altogether, a few years ago things were clear-cut and obvious, every increase in processor clockspeed equaled better performance, or rather all software would automatically take advantage of the faster execution. So basically more MHz meant more performance, simple really.
Not today though, you’d think that two processor cores running side by side would surely be faster than a single core right? And four cores working simultaneously would certainly run circles around it? Well no, only if the application that you are running is multithreaded and thus can take advantage of the extra cores, remember that about 99% of all software available today is programmed to run on a single core processor. Hence isn’t multithreaded and thus in the vast majority of cases you won’t see a speed up, as the second, third or fourth core is just sitting there idling, or handling simple operating system tasks that don’t eat up a lot of processing power in the first place. But wait a minute, you must have that backwards, dual and quad core processors speed up your operating system considerably and hence overall performance goes up. Well, no again, if running the operating system was such a resource hog and would eat up heaps and heaps of CPU-cycles then the difference between a 1GHz Pentium III and a 3GHz Dual Core processor would be astronomical wouldn’t it, isn’t.
So what’s needed to get these dual and quad core processors to offer genuine leaps in performance and make us forget about single core processors altogether? Well, basically the same thing that needs to happen with 64-bit support: software needs to be written, or a whole lot less likely, rewritten, to take advantage of these extra cores. And most software we use today, that includes your favorite browser, email client, etc. is not going to see much of a speedup, from these optimizations. No, for dual and quad core processors to show their strengths you need some heavy applications that can benefit from parallel execution such as video and photo editing software, games, simulation and CAD/CAM software, etc. Don’t expect the mundane office applications most of us use during the day to run any faster though. So without software support dual and quad core processors simply are not going to shine, they’ll just be a novelty.
And unlike slapping on a few extra cores which is relatively easy, writing software to make use of these extra cores isn’t. So for the next few years we’ll be left wanting while the majority of the dual and quad core processors are idling until software finally catches up. Keep that in mind when you’re thinking about spending some of those hard earned savings on a new PC equipped with a top-of-the-line quad core processor.

3) Time

Time is crucial we all know that!but, I want to say that an extra second is added in 2008.

The world's official timekeepers have added a "leap second" to the last day of the year on Wednesday, to help match clocks to the Earth's slowing spin on its axis, which takes place at ever-changing rates affected by tides and other factors.

The U.S. Naval Observatory, keeper of the Pentagon's master clock, said it would add the extra second on Wednesday in coordination with the world's atomic clocks at 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds Coordinated Universal Time, or UTC.

That corresponds to 6:59:59 p.m. EST (23:59:59 GMT), when an extra second will tick by -- the 24th to be added to UTC since 1972, when the practice began.

UTC is the time scale kept by highly precise atomic clocks around the world, accurate to about a billionth of a second per day, the Naval Observatory says. For those with a need for precision timing, it has replaced Greenwich Mean Time, or GMT.

The decision to add or remove a second is the responsibility of the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service, based on its monitoring of the Earth's rotation.

The goal is to make sure clocks vary from the Earth's rotational time by no more than 0.9 seconds before an adjustment. That keeps UTC in sync with the position of the sun above the Earth.

Mechanisms such as the Internet-based Network Time Protocol and the satellite-based Global Positioning System depend on precision timing.

The first leap second was introduced into UTC on June 30, 1972. The last was added on December 31, 2005.

They have been added at intervals ranging from six months to seven years, Daniel Gambis, head of the IERS Earth Orientation Center at the Observatoire de Paris, wrote in an explanatory piece this month (

Among the reasons for Earth's slowing whirl on its axis are the braking action of tides, snow or the lack of it at the polar ice caps, solar wind, space dust and magnetic storms, according to the U.S. Commerce Department's National Institute of Standards and Technology, another timekeeper.

By contrast, a leap day, February 29, occurs once every four years because a complete turn around the sun -- our year with all its seasons -- takes about 365 days and six hours.

In 1970, an international agreement established two time scales: one based on the Earth's rotation and another on highly accurate atomic clocks.

The U.S. Naval Observatory's master clock is based on a system that now includes 50 atomic clocks, 36 based on the element cesium and 14 known as hydrogen masers.

With the Earth's rotation gradually slowing, the periodic insertion of a leap second into the atomic time scale is needed to keep the two systems within a second of each other.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Now, Thinnest Notebook from INTEL

Its showdown time for Thinnest Notebooks as they are making  a lot of FAT margins and Brand value for Notebook Manufacturers.This notebook is still a prototype and was just shown to Businessweek.

Intel is facing a lot of threat presently from NVIDIA and AMD. NVIDIA has created a lot of buzz in the market when Its chips were selected by Apple for their MacBooks.Nvidia is known for their Graphics hardware and Computing is making a constant progress which is a lot to think for Intel.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Who can save Zimbabwe?

Having motto “unity,freedom and work” is constantly targeted economically, its leaders acting as if they are meant to save Zimbabwe cannot make heads to keep it on track in terms of development and social welfare instead they defamed by incongruous and controversial programs in turn made Zimbabwe highly incorporeal.

The present situation of Zimbabwe is incredulous and unanticipated. Despite a  long history of inflation, corruption and violation of Human Rights It is newly struck with unassailable deadly cholera. Toll had raised to 600 while Cholera cases are around 2,700 in the present hospitals. Talking about hospitals, they are not getting perfect water supply and even 24/7 power supply. Most cities are devoid of many basic amenities and housing materials.Inflation has raised to 231,000,000%,which is  highly unbearable. People flooding out of Zimbabwe to other South-African countries are in partial crisis of amenities and scarcity of Jobs creating bigger problems to neighboring countries, 570,000 was the official estimated figure of refugee who left Zimbabwe while unofficially it would be a square of it. This cholera effect surely will prevail for a long time as Zimbabwe is not in a state to manage funds and special vaccines.It is estimated that more than 60,000 will die with in few months if necessary action is not taken. Many people who are dying in the rural areas are buried on roads.There are no Hospitals, relief camps, affordable vegetable markets(due to inflation) and also housing facility in any rural and also in many urban areas.Zimbabwe’s Administration is highly adamant.

Foreign Media is banned, Many of the CNN,BBC,FOX report what happening in Zimbabwe by their branches in neighboring countries.Reporters in Zimbabwe say that Media is facing a lot of problems like abuse of power, blackmail, denial of justice and threats.Its age old leader Robert Mugabe is in dead silence to all these problems.He stated that $7.1 million was spent last year, when asked for spending report they kept barefaced.His contrive to Zimbabwe was his land reform,a highly controversial program which many economists propagate as the starting point of economy downfall in post 2000.In this reform large scale of agricultural land under whites is distributed to blacks who had little  knowledge on agriculture and maintenance of land.This led to poor productivity and efficiency of agricultural lands.Year on Year agricultural land decreased mounting malnutrition for 45% of its population. 

Monday, November 3, 2008

Honda V4 Concept

This could amaze You as we hadn’t seen such bikes all around.So hold your breadth and see these pics. I was scratching my head for How to appreciate this design ????

This is truly a revolutionary and simply inspiring design and you could see the way the suspension system is placed in curve, This is truly racers choice for style and power I Think!!

This design is awesome and realistic to mind..So, Honda is again trying to display their power of Dreams.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

7 Apps Every Open Source Enthusiast Should Brag About

First of all,I’m sorry for posting someother’s content ….

I am usually asked a very basic question “what makes Linux better than [insert OS here].” The answer is a result of years of developing and honing the perfect answer to a non-technical person. I usually start with explaining that there are two fundamental schools of thought in the programming world. One that conceals and forbids any changes in functionality, while the other is open and encourages customization to fit ones needs. The conversation naturally goes from there to giving examples of Open Source programs this person might be using unwittingly. Here are 7 programs that the whole Open Source community is very proud of.


VLC media player is an open source player, encoder, and streamer that supports a wide variety of audio and video codecs in addition to DVD support. This little piece of heaven is almost fully platform independent, boasting a portfolio of supported OSes such as Windows, Mac, Linux, BeOS, BSD, and Solaris. It is almost the answer to any codec woes. “X file is not working”, a quick “install VLC” would probably be the answer. I discovered VLC back in my dial-up days (not very far away 2003), when I wanted to view incomplete e-mule files. Someone in the e-Mule IRC channel recommended it to me. I swear by it since then!


No Open Source app list would be complete without the mention of Firefox! I believe that this browser was instrumental in the development of the Internet. Without Firefox you would probably have 20 instances of Internet Explorer in your taskbar right now (although Firefox weren’t the first, they popularized the concept of tab browsing.)

With the rise of the new millennium, and after the Internet bubble burst, web development grew stagnant and Microsoft sat on their laurels with Internet Explorer. Firefox served as a catalyst in advancing the wheel of Internet development. The geekerati flocked to Firefox, in only 5 years Firefox captured 20% of the web browser market!

Honestly, ones “geek-cred” would take serious dent if they aren’t using Firefox. Oh and I also feel mentally distressed when I see someone using IE. Ya I know I am a fanatic!


Non-techies probably use Wordpress on a daily basis, and to them they are not even using a “program” in it’s conventional sense. To them it’s just a “website”. Wordpress has developed into the premiere and the “go-to” platform for blogging. In less than two years it has bypassed other known blogging platforms on Google trends, 34% of the Technocrati top 100 blogs are using it (making it the most used), and currently claims a huge percentage of the total blog market! Quite a feat!

“Code is Poetry” is Wordpress’s mantra, it effectively reflects the Open Source community’s enthusiasm about programming. Keep up the good work guys, we are proud of you!


We heard this a million times, “this is the year of the desktop”, forgetting an even more important market. Apache has locked the server market in to the Open Source camp for years. Virtually anybody who uses the Internet will undoubtly use Apache on a Linux server unwittingly. And about that we brag! Hell even Google is proud of you, their search engine front end is based on a modified version of Apache, named Google Web Server (GWS). According to the latest Netcraft numbers, Apache dominates 50% of the server market. Even though Apache slipped in the recent years, it is still a testament to the viability of Open Source. Apache, you will always be the poster child in our eyes :)


Amarok is a music player I simply adore! I don’t think I ever felt so passionately about an application as much as Amarok (yes even Firefox). I am so entangled with it that I don’t even know whats out there anymore. All I know that it fetches my covers, lyrics, and bios from Wikipedia. Amarok is also extendable via user scripts, giving you flexibility to say, control it from your mobile phone through bluetooth, blacklist certain tracks, or search youtube for the music video. The possibilities are endless to pimp your Amarok ! I don’t really know if these capabilities are now available in other players, nor do I care, Amarok got me locked in!


All you Gtalk users, you are on Open Source turf (just like E-mail, POP, DHCP…etc, the way codes should be; OPEN!). Jabber is basically an instant messaging application that depends on the open standard Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP).


I must admit, OpenOffice is still not up there with Microsoft Office. However, just the fact that OpenOffice gives you 95% of Microsoft Office capabilities without losing an arm and a leg gives us bragging rights. After all why should I pay over $300 for 10% of the features I actually need? It just sounds a bit unfair if you ask me.

There you have it. 7 apps that you can brag about or just to prove a point about Open Source. Of course this list is not exhuastive at all! Open Source has lots up it’s sleeve. Thunderbird, Gimp, OpenSSH, Laconica, MythTV…etc all are beaming examples of our great culture. Open Source FTW!

List of Free Ebook sites

Many people see for free info and free books on Net .So, I had decided to give the list of free ebook sites to view and download.. .
Techie Books:
Science fantasy:
Calvin and hobbes:
Get rich books:
My Ebooks:
Biggest online Library:
rite link...
O'Reilly books
for programming books
for free computer book n tutorials

Flair in Bhandarkar’s “Fashion” and other Filcks

Many fell that Bhandarkar’s films are special and they give out the real things that happen around. But, When I read this webpage I found a lot difference in me and other readers..

Many viewers feel that His films are stereotyped and contain the same content that was not there in real or We can find it in some Old B-grade Films..His film ‘Fashion’ is just the same and There is nothing in it except some powerful and deep performances from Kangana Ranaut and Priyanka Chopra. Though these characters effect emotions largely they are shown in unusual way which hadn’t made a perfect impact on.

Many Fashion Designers say that the base story and situations shown in ‘Fashion’ were there in real BUT when Indian Fashion was in a NOVICE or in some initial stages of progress and This story is a way before existence.Sonalika Sahay and designer Vineet Bahl protest vehemently about the movie and Bhandarkar, who has built a reputation as a hard-hitting filmmaker who doesn’t dumb down to appease the audience(Their view is shown here)

His film ‘Page 3’ was his  big hit .No film after had reached more than it.The famous Feminist Sanjukta wrote different view in her site which could evoke strong and seriousness in Bhandarkar if He would have read it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Real Wand?? I don’t Think so

Neil Armstrong and Aliens……!!?

Well My dear, This story is something which no one can think about!!. I can’t confirm that this is true or else a False…Because, There are certain indications in the History which confirm this news and which doesn’t confirm it..I’m going to specify what I got from various resources from INTERNET and many TV feedback shows..I’m going to present some characters associated with NASA ..

Have you ever wondered Why Any Country in this World is not planning a Moon-Landing Mission???There are many reasons for it..Lets take one after another..

First, Lets take the case of Neil Armstrong Who is the first person to land on the Moon.According to many unconfirmed reports both Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin saw UFO’s shortly after their Historic Landing on the MOON in Apollo 11 on 21, July 1969

According to a former NASA employee Otto Binder, unnamed radio
hams with their own VHF receiving facilities that bypassed NASA's
broadcasting outlets picked up the following exchange:
NASA: What's there?
Mission Control calling Apollo 11...
Apollo11: These "Babies" are huge, Sir! Enormous!
               OH MY GOD! You wouldn't believe it!
               I'm telling you there are other spacecraft out there,
               Lined up on the far side of the crater edge!
               They're on the Moon watching us!

In 1979 Maurice Chatelain, former chief of NASA Communications
Systems confirmed that Armstrong had indeed reported seeing two
UFOs on the rim of a crater. "The encounter was common knowledge
in NASA," he revealed, "but nobody has talked about it until now."

Soviet scientists were allegedly the first to confirm the incident. "According to our information, the encounter was reported immediately after the landing of the module," said Dr. Vladimir Azhazha, a physicist and Professor of Mathematics at Moscow University. "Neil Armstrong relayed the message to Mission Control that two large, mysterious objects were watching them after having landed near the moon module. But his message was never heard by the public - because NASA censored it. "According to another Soviet scientist, Dr. Aleksandr Kazantsev, Buss Aldrin took color movie film of the UFOs from inside the module, and continued filming them after he and Armstrong went outside. Dr. Azhazha claims that the UFOs departed minutes after the astronauts came out on to the lunar surface.

Maurice Chatelain also confirmed that Apollo 11's radio transmissions were interrupted on several occasions in order to hide the news from the public. Before dismissing Chatelain's sensational claims, it is worth noting his impressive background in the aerospace industry and space program. His first job after moving from France was as an electronics engineer with Convair, specializing in telecommunications, telemetry and radar. In 1959 he was in charge of an electromagnetic research group, developing new radar and telecommunications systems for Ryan. One of his eleven patents was an automatic radar landing system that ignited retro rockets at a given altitude, used in the Ranger and Surveyor flights to the Moon. Later, at North American Aviation, Chatelain was offered the job of designing and building the Apollo communications and data-processing systems.

Chatelain claims that "all Apollo and Gemini flights were followed, both at a distance and sometimes also quite closely, by space vehicles of extraterrestrial origin - flying saucers, or UFOs, if you want to call them by that name. Every time it occurred, the astronauts informed Mission Control, who then ordered absolute silence." He goes on to say: "I think that Walter Schirra aboard Mercury 8 was the first of the astronauts to use the code name 'Santa Claus' to indicate the presence of flying saucers next to space capsules. However, his announcements were barely noticed by
the general public. It was a little different when James Lovell on board the Apollo 8 command module came out from behind the moon and said for everybody to hear: 'PLEASE BE INFORMED THAT THERE IS A SANTA CLAUS.' Even though this happened on Christmas Day 1968, many people sensed a hidden meaning in those words."


For More INfo get into

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HP targeting DELL in their Online ADs

Yes Guys I hadn't thought that HP will be using such cheap tactics to count dell..If u can't believe see this pic

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yves "Larock" Cheminade (birth. 1978) is a DJ and producer based in Switzerland. He is a member of Africanism All Stars.

His single "Rise Up" was a popular clubbing track throughout Europe and reached #13 on the UK Singles Chart for the week commencing Sunday, August 19, 2007.

In Malta, "Rise Up" began gaining airplay in early June and by end of July throughout August and September it became a huge hit and a phenomenal success topping the charts for various weeks. It remained in the charts for months.

Look at thsi cool yves Larock "Rise Up" video..Its truly a nice video..

Birju Maharaj's graddaughte Ananya Mishra

Such girls are very rare in India. Most families successors who have a good Indian Classical Music background are not adhering that Music and are not thinking about their Family Heritage.This is due to the utter negligence of classical Music from Indian Listeners.

But,this girl coming from a heavy background got good recognition by showing her vocal ability with in 30 seconds.Even the judges of SONY INDIAN IDOL were appreciated by her quality.Just take a look at her,these girls are very rare now in India.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A cute add with nice touch

We see a lot of adds on TV, We see a lot of stuff on media but this  is something I found purely  a different way of add which is not the best add but makes U feel. I don't know which add agency designed this one ..but kudos to U guys!!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Usain Bolt's record could get better !!

According to Researchers who studied his run In Beijing Olympics 2008 have stated that His record can go beyond the present one???I don't know anything about 100M in Olympics but this is a must read for every one

Check Your Traffic wastage??

If you live in New York then you waste about 46 hours in traffic !!If you live in Los Angels then you waste about 72 Hours in Traffic!!With this time You can read War and Peace once, get through Wagner's The Ring Cycle almost five times, or watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy almost eight times. The page includes stats for other cities too.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Last Lecture: Randy Pausch

It’s a long video - slightly over an hour - so set yourself the time/place when you’re ready for this video. It is certainly a very inspiring video - here’s the short introduction:

Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch, who is dying from pancreatic cancer, gave his last lecture at the university Sept. 18, 2007, before a packed McConomy Auditorium. In his moving talk, “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams,” Pausch talked about his lessons learned and gave advice to students on how to achieve their own career and personal goals.

It’s truly amazing how much positivity Randy can exude - he’s got not much time to live, and yet his message is nothing but life, achieving your dreams and remembering the priorities of life. It was truly a moving moment when he said that he had the lecture only for his three kids - but certainly millions more around the world have been inspired. I hope this video helped to ignite and spark our own dreams in our lives.

Lenovo X300 Parody Ad on MacBook Air

Whether you’re an Apple fanboy or a PC die-hard, a good commercial is a good commercial. Here’s a clever parody portraying Lenovo’s edge over the Apple MacBook Air - showing off its integrated DVD-Drive, Ethernet ports and 3 USB ports and driving home the message: Lenovo’s machine is not a compromise, but a complete machine that still fits within that small envelope.

In almost every post this would inevitably draw fanboys on the Mac and the PC sides, claiming the superiority of their preferred choice while mudslinging the ‘enemy’. Sometimes it makes me wonder - with the marketing adage that apathy is worse than hate/love - so, what if everything you use has some crazy zealous fan/enemy? All the way from the choice of your breakfast cereal, to the file you use, to the USB cable that you carry - what if each and everyone of them has such polarizing camps?

If that sounds too scary or faraway, then what exactly is the essence that makes a product more polarizing than others? What is it about operating systems, MP3 players, computers and cars that bestow upon them this natural (?) sense of territory and boundary, of ‘me’ versus ‘the rest’?

BMW's skinny skeleton CAR


BMW has just unveiled their latest concept called GINA Light Visionary - GINA being an acronym for their design philosophy behind: Geometry and Functions In ‘N’ Adaptations (I suppose GINA sounds cooler than GIFNA?). At my first glance, I thought it was not too radical - the initial impression was a concept that was probably a sportier extension of the Mille Miglia concept unveiled back in 2006.

But after going through the video (in Youtube above), I realized it was a rather radical and refreshing perspective of automotive design - this may yet be a watershed in automotive styling. BMW has always been experts in dealing with expressive surfaces (that are often sharply ‘clipped’), with one of their master strokes being the iconic negative curvature found along the sides of many of its sportier cars. But I think in GINA they re-thought the whole tradition of car body designs.

In typical automotive designs, you have a certain structure on which you add metallic panels on. You can style these panels in as many ways as there are cars on market now - but they are generally all seen as panels. The associated possible actions are linked to traditional metal sheet forming technologies - bending, rolling, cutting, etc., as the automotive designers think of themselves as sculptors, adding or coring away extra ‘clay’.

In GINA, instead of hard panels, the body is conceived more like a soft skin wrapping against a skeleton body. While it may very well be made of metal panels eventually just like any other cars, the important thing is at the design level, the ’skin’ metaphor brings out a whole set of different analogies and thus designs - you’re thinking about creases, pinching, pricking, etc. Design is thus by growing and subtracting the inner skeleton (which then defines the creases). I particularly liked the quote by Chris Bangle in the video: “…let’s let material talk in a different manner; and let the tooling be a different issue, instead of just a way to give us form.

There are some other interesting features enabled by such a skin too: for example, there can be a continuous line on the sides, with the door creasing and folding away rather than opening/lifting. It could also consume less resources to build and drive, since the fabric would probably be lighter and require less manufacturing energy. Imagine also the possibility of changing the profile of your car exterior at a whim - in a fabric concept, it may be as simple as pressing a knob to rotate or shift the underlying skeleton.

It reminds me of Gehry’s Guggenheim too - which was for architecture another conceptual breakthrough: where technology has grown to such sophistication that we can in fact produce a building not by ‘ground-up’, ‘level-by-level’ structure which is then clad by facade. Instead, the building was defined much by its skin itself, its transformations and its refreshing organic lines.

In a way, I also felt it made the car more organic - it’s almost like a silent…monster. As it lifts it eyelid, the head lamps project its vision menacingly ahead; the unveiling of the bonnet reminds me of open-heart surgery; makes me think about Toyota’s ‘Human Touch’ ad too (haha both are somewhat creepy).

Overall, I must say this is one of the most refreshing and innovative concept cars that I’ve come across these years. There are many concept cars that are wild, interesting, etc. but I thought the GINA managed to tackle car design in a whole new perspective, while inheriting the qualities that make it a BMW.

Bravo to the design team!

(And if you’re the essay type, here’s their philosophy (wall-of-text!))

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This Train Never stops

In the current train system design, the train has to accelerate/decelerate to a complete stop for every station to pick up passengers. The video above shows a very interesting concept for an alternative solution to mass commuter trains - it is a train that doesn’t stop.

Instead of stopping, it’d have a slider carriage on the top of the train. The slider carriage serves as an intermediary ‘pod’ where boarding and alighting passengers transit (before diffusing into the main train carriages). Commuters at the station wishing to board the train would enter the carriage (and presumably at some point before the train actually arrives, the doors are shut). The train seamlessly picks up this carriage, while depositing its own carriage to drop commuters wishing to alight.

Without having to stop for stations, train journeys can be drastically reduced without sacrificing passenger convenience - it is the best of both worlds! I’m definitely not an expert in locomotion engineering, but on the surface it does seem like a possible concept (hey, we’ve sent people onto the Moon!).

A small (social) concern for me might be how effective/efficient can passengers diffuse from the pod into the rest of the carriages. In a system like this, there is even more inertia to venture away from the sliding pod if you’re just hanging on for a few stops, and people are likely to gather in the few carriages nearest the pod. This could however probably be solved by having multiple sliding pods instead of the singular one as visualized in the video and If there is only one person to get down at station then its waste of energy ?.

If you can read Chinese, here’s a more detailed explanation by the inventor Chen Jian Jun. It seems like he’s been working hard trying to pitch his ideas to various agencies (including government, rail etc), but hasn’t been particularly successful.

What are your thoughts on this?

Demolish without Destroying

Wow, that’s way cool - demolishing a building from the lowest level first:

How do they do it? First they replace the support pillars at ground level with computer-controlled metal columns. Then, a crew carefully demolishes the entire floor by hand, leaving the structure resting on the mechanical pillars, which then go down slowly until the next floor is at ground level. They replace the support pillars again with the mechanical ones, destroy that floor, and repeat the operation until they get rid of all the floors. This makes it look as if the building is shrinking in front of you, or being swallowed by the street.

According to the company, this method greatly reduces the environmental impact of the demolition, as well as the time. Kajima says that it speeds up the task by 20%, while making it easier to separate materials for recycling, as well as reducing the amount of products released into the air.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Are they real stars??

Look at the spat between SRK and SALMAN here!!

Let us stop idolizing filmstars, taking sides is the first thing everyone does, look beyond the recent incident, if shahrukh khan is after money, tell me who isnt,, does salmans khan's pay cheque for dus ka dum ring a bell...If salman appears friendly on his show ,he is getting paid for it ,one crore per episode...Salman was my fav star but as he grew, he changed his personality,,today my fellow indians call salmans attitude as style, but it is nothing short of sheer pride and haugtiness, i am not a fortune teller , but one thing is for sure , katrina doesnt seem to be happy with salman , she is just giving in coz of his weightage in bollywood. Be it salman or srk or anyone arent we taught to treat our guest well. Any wise person can see salman being full of himself. Shahrukh on the other hand is no angel, he is a wise guy and very diplomatic. Flim stars constanly live in fear, fear of getting old, fear of not getting recognised, fear of losing fame, it is this fear which makes them lose control and do stupid things,,imagine 40 year olds fighting my show is better then yours,,,i am the real superstar... They are indeed growing old but are the grown up ?. I really miss the old salman and shahrukh, money and fame have gone to their head.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Bigger,Portable,Reliable Transcend 300X 16 GB-World's Fastest Flash Card

I know this may not be the bigger one than Transcend 32 GB flash card but there is a lot to think about this one most in its functionality.

Transcend 300X Compact Flash Card

The incorporated Error Correction Code (ECC) ensures glitch-free data communication and prevents data corruption or missing files. ECC also automatically detects error during data transfer and correct it.

Moreover, the latest CF card guarantees robust, durability and high performance. Some of the features of the 300X CF card are:

  • Extreme Speed 300X performance, read/write speeds up to 45MB per second
  • Hardware ECC (Error Correction Code) to maintain reliability
  • Supports IDE PIO mode 6 and Ultra DMA mode 5
  • Fully complies with the new CF 4.1 standard
  • Multi-platform compatibility and low power consumption
  • 100% tested for quality, speed and reliability
  • Lifetime Warranty

    The card has excellent read/write speeds up to 45MB per second. Further it operates on dual-channel Ultra DMA mode 5, which is the fastest speed available for CF cards. Hence photographers are sure to make consecutive shooting and non-stop video recording with high-performance digital single lens reflex cameras (DSLR).

    Lets talk on Philanthropist, Mr. DEVI SHETTY

    We know there are many philanthropists but a rare are like him.image And today He is the most respected Cardiac Surgeon in India, mostly South India.He is the one who had performed the Asia's first ever dynamic Cardiomyoplasty Operation. His fame also claims His effort to reduce the cost of Heart Operations. But, His greatest Achievement will be the work done for children.Out of 13000 operations in his 16 year career 5000+ are on children.

    I would like to present the later part of this post with his letter given to his 450 bedded Hrudayalaya after completing 4000 operations for children.

    Google SECRET project "lively"

    This can be said as not the only secret project but I think there are heavy expectations on this project. This project named "lively" was being developed since Nov-05 by a Google Virtual Desktop developer Niniane Wang. According to my knowledge this is like virtual 3D chat room designing which binds the Gmail users much closer for a long time along with some games and cool stuffs.(see this blogs or more info 1 2 3)

    Wednesday, July 9, 2008

    Kung Fu panda is a lot different

    I had seen this movie lately but, to me its more than a panda a Big Fat Panda.This movie fared well and got good ratings from IMDB.

    What made me worry is the way Chinese Government had been seeing this success.This is why Chinese Films and Indian Films are in back seat when compared to Hollywood. The report from Britain Guardian from Beijing today stated that Government officials were jealous by the success of Kung Fu panda as it used much of Chinese culture and They hadn't got such Idea for a film production.

    Is Linux still chasing 1% market share??

    I'm a diehard fan of both Linux and Windows. I had a lot of linux distros and many Windows in ma Laptop.But the post from Adrian Kingsley in his blog had put me in little dilemma.

    Linux had fought a lot more than it has to.Now,many organizations which took support from Linux are threatening Windows in many ways.Like Mozilla Firefox which started its first versions using Linux and Unix are very far from Internet Explorer, Open Office has made its debut very early but the one concept which made open office weak is its longer startup time other than startup time open office is much better than Ms-Office. Even in next generation Graphics also Linux rules. Many Linux distros come with very good Games and Multimedia packages. Its VLC Media Player itself says how much Linux can help in programming as it is made in C++ in Linux distros. Even the famous CMS like DRUPAL is whole made of open-source and managed by Linux distros,Also What made me tizzy over his remark is that every year the number of projects taken by MNC's and Individuals is rising in leaps and bounds..

    Microsoft is also playing its cards by releasing hyper-V the software for making Your System in to a virtualiuzed server.This Hyper-V supports all Windows but not other Os's like Linux Distros or Sun Os's.So, It lacks a lot of features when compared to other vitualization packages like VMware's Virualization Hypervisor which is an all-time topper in concept of virtualization.Microsoft's intention to make its open office XML format as a default format of XML shows its eye on the future, of course, this was opposed by some governments like Indian and Philippines.

    So, according to me though each of them is not in every system in the world but each has a very huge potential and I balance both as 50:50.What U say Diehard fans of Linux???

    Tuesday, July 8, 2008

    One month Overdue!!

    This post I read in this blog(sorry for copying But, I did it to make people laugh).The content of te post is given below

    Mr. Rajan comes home one night, and his wife throws her arms around his neck and says: “I have great news: I’m a month overdue. I think we’re going to have a baby! The doctor gave me a test today, but until we find out for sure, we can’t tell anybody.”
    The next day, Mrs. Rajan receives a telephone call from Chennai Electricity Board (CEB) because the electricity bill has not been paid.

    “Am I speaking to Mrs. Rajan?”

    “Yes…… speaking”

    CEB guy, “You’re a month overdue, you know!”

    “How do YOU know?” stammers the young woman.

    “Well, ma’am, it’s in our files!” says the AEC guy .

    “What are you saying? It’s in your files …… How?”

    “Yes…………. We have a system of finding out who’s overdue.”

    “God!…. this is too much……”"Madam, I am sorry…I am following orders…I have to inform you are overdue.”

    “I know that… let me talk to my husband about this tonight…he will speak to your company tomorrow.”

    That night, she tells her husband about the visit, and he, mad as a bull, rushes to CEB office the next day morning.

    “What’s going on? You have it on file that my wife is a month overdue? What business is that of yours?” the husband shouts.

    “Just calm down,” says the lady at the reception at CEB, “it’s nothing serious. All you have to do is pay us.”
    “Pay you? And if I refuse?”

    “Well, in that case, sir, we’d have no option but to cut yours off!".


    While reading this post My chair was shaking and after I read the whole post My chair fell aside as Im not able to control my laughter.

    Square Watermelons ,I wondered how??


    I wondered how is this possible ?,but to my imageview this was the pic taken by my friend in JAPAN for a onsite work. How amazing this is???

    I asked how is this possible, He answered "Even I'm also quite shocked with the first look, This shows how a creativity can change things in to a much better and safer for Humans. I asked the shop vendor for an explanation for such a nice shape, the answer I got tickled me. They carefully view each watermelon growing in their Gardens and after it has reached a certain dimensions they place each melon in a square plastic box with the top side opened without pulling it off from the tree. Later, It grows to a perfectly shaped one which is felt nice by many customers as they feel difficult to carry conventional spherical shaped melons".

    Sunday, May 25, 2008

    Chetan Bhagat's 3rd Book is

    3 mistakes of my life.I hadn't read the whole book yet So can't comment on ..But the start was a bit touchy to Indians.With this the Best selling author of India Is CHETAN BHAGAT.This IIT and IIM grad's first two books are "Five Point Someone" and "one night at call center" Both of these had received many accolades and also much criticism.According to me he is a very straight guy and  gives such a pleasure to readers that can't be expected and his writing are much humorous also much more serious.Mostly the criticism came from the experts saying that's not the way of writing and there is no need of that much hype over his writings.From My experience of reading his first 2 books I can confirm that This guy's writings are much closer to Indian Youth than any writer in India and His Reader develops a certain love towards these books that Can't be depleted,What more an Author need ??

    Another BLog!!

    This is my second blog ,First of all !! Hi to u all,who are reading this first piece and my first blog was whose page viewers had acrossed 40K++.I thought to change the whole way I think and I express, So I took this way rather than using my old blog..Of course, I had deleted it for Not able to maintain a heavy Sites like those.I used to give software links in that blog, later I thought to become much expressive so changed the whole path..So what I write in this blog has not been chosen yet (Thinking about the readers)