Sunday, November 2, 2008

Flair in Bhandarkar’s “Fashion” and other Filcks

Many fell that Bhandarkar’s films are special and they give out the real things that happen around. But, When I read this webpage I found a lot difference in me and other readers..

Many viewers feel that His films are stereotyped and contain the same content that was not there in real or We can find it in some Old B-grade Films..His film ‘Fashion’ is just the same and There is nothing in it except some powerful and deep performances from Kangana Ranaut and Priyanka Chopra. Though these characters effect emotions largely they are shown in unusual way which hadn’t made a perfect impact on.

Many Fashion Designers say that the base story and situations shown in ‘Fashion’ were there in real BUT when Indian Fashion was in a NOVICE or in some initial stages of progress and This story is a way before existence.Sonalika Sahay and designer Vineet Bahl protest vehemently about the movie and Bhandarkar, who has built a reputation as a hard-hitting filmmaker who doesn’t dumb down to appease the audience(Their view is shown here)

His film ‘Page 3’ was his  big hit .No film after had reached more than it.The famous Feminist Sanjukta wrote different view in her site which could evoke strong and seriousness in Bhandarkar if He would have read it.