Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Is Linux still chasing 1% market share??

I'm a diehard fan of both Linux and Windows. I had a lot of linux distros and many Windows in ma Laptop.But the post from Adrian Kingsley in his blog had put me in little dilemma.

Linux had fought a lot more than it has to.Now,many organizations which took support from Linux are threatening Windows in many ways.Like Mozilla Firefox which started its first versions using Linux and Unix are very far from Internet Explorer, Open Office has made its debut very early but the one concept which made open office weak is its longer startup time other than startup time open office is much better than Ms-Office. Even in next generation Graphics also Linux rules. Many Linux distros come with very good Games and Multimedia packages. Its VLC Media Player itself says how much Linux can help in programming as it is made in C++ in Linux distros. Even the famous CMS like DRUPAL is whole made of open-source and managed by Linux distros,Also What made me tizzy over his remark is that every year the number of projects taken by MNC's and Individuals is rising in leaps and bounds..

Microsoft is also playing its cards by releasing hyper-V the software for making Your System in to a virtualiuzed server.This Hyper-V supports all Windows but not other Os's like Linux Distros or Sun Os's.So, It lacks a lot of features when compared to other vitualization packages like VMware's Virualization Hypervisor which is an all-time topper in concept of virtualization.Microsoft's intention to make its open office XML format as a default format of XML shows its eye on the future, of course, this was opposed by some governments like Indian and Philippines.

So, according to me though each of them is not in every system in the world but each has a very huge potential and I balance both as 50:50.What U say Diehard fans of Linux???