Sunday, December 7, 2008

Who can save Zimbabwe?

Having motto “unity,freedom and work” is constantly targeted economically, its leaders acting as if they are meant to save Zimbabwe cannot make heads to keep it on track in terms of development and social welfare instead they defamed by incongruous and controversial programs in turn made Zimbabwe highly incorporeal.

The present situation of Zimbabwe is incredulous and unanticipated. Despite a  long history of inflation, corruption and violation of Human Rights It is newly struck with unassailable deadly cholera. Toll had raised to 600 while Cholera cases are around 2,700 in the present hospitals. Talking about hospitals, they are not getting perfect water supply and even 24/7 power supply. Most cities are devoid of many basic amenities and housing materials.Inflation has raised to 231,000,000%,which is  highly unbearable. People flooding out of Zimbabwe to other South-African countries are in partial crisis of amenities and scarcity of Jobs creating bigger problems to neighboring countries, 570,000 was the official estimated figure of refugee who left Zimbabwe while unofficially it would be a square of it. This cholera effect surely will prevail for a long time as Zimbabwe is not in a state to manage funds and special vaccines.It is estimated that more than 60,000 will die with in few months if necessary action is not taken. Many people who are dying in the rural areas are buried on roads.There are no Hospitals, relief camps, affordable vegetable markets(due to inflation) and also housing facility in any rural and also in many urban areas.Zimbabwe’s Administration is highly adamant.

Foreign Media is banned, Many of the CNN,BBC,FOX report what happening in Zimbabwe by their branches in neighboring countries.Reporters in Zimbabwe say that Media is facing a lot of problems like abuse of power, blackmail, denial of justice and threats.Its age old leader Robert Mugabe is in dead silence to all these problems.He stated that $7.1 million was spent last year, when asked for spending report they kept barefaced.His contrive to Zimbabwe was his land reform,a highly controversial program which many economists propagate as the starting point of economy downfall in post 2000.In this reform large scale of agricultural land under whites is distributed to blacks who had little  knowledge on agriculture and maintenance of land.This led to poor productivity and efficiency of agricultural lands.Year on Year agricultural land decreased mounting malnutrition for 45% of its population. 


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