Monday, August 11, 2008

Are they real stars??

Look at the spat between SRK and SALMAN here!!

Let us stop idolizing filmstars, taking sides is the first thing everyone does, look beyond the recent incident, if shahrukh khan is after money, tell me who isnt,, does salmans khan's pay cheque for dus ka dum ring a bell...If salman appears friendly on his show ,he is getting paid for it ,one crore per episode...Salman was my fav star but as he grew, he changed his personality,,today my fellow indians call salmans attitude as style, but it is nothing short of sheer pride and haugtiness, i am not a fortune teller , but one thing is for sure , katrina doesnt seem to be happy with salman , she is just giving in coz of his weightage in bollywood. Be it salman or srk or anyone arent we taught to treat our guest well. Any wise person can see salman being full of himself. Shahrukh on the other hand is no angel, he is a wise guy and very diplomatic. Flim stars constanly live in fear, fear of getting old, fear of not getting recognised, fear of losing fame, it is this fear which makes them lose control and do stupid things,,imagine 40 year olds fighting my show is better then yours,,,i am the real superstar... They are indeed growing old but are the grown up ?. I really miss the old salman and shahrukh, money and fame have gone to their head.


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