Thursday, March 4, 2010

Apple suing each mobile manufacturer, Palm, Nokia, and now HTC..

Lets move backwards….


March 1st, 2010

Apple filed lawsuit on HTC for infringing their 20 patents in their mobiles.

20 patents?? that's heavy and how could a big manufacturer like HTC could forget those patent rights???According tothis detail report in Its clear that both companies had infringed their IPs and are extensively using them when needed and bashing them when required, Are they playing or Its just good business??              I think they do this in their conscience and create a recipe to others for marketing!!



June 24th, 2008

Apple Vs Nokia


Tycoon technologies sues everyone for using their touch computing patents(Of course , This company name was not in NEWS)

This can be said as the one of the most longest patent war in history of Apple.


Oct 22nd, 2009  Nokia sues Apple,  says iPhone infringes 10 patents

Dec 11th, 2009  Apple  countersues Nokia for infringing 13 patents

Dec 29th, 2009  Nokia brings Apple patent fight to ITC, says most Apple products infringe

Jan 4th, 2010 Nokia asks ITC to ban iPhone, iPod, and MacBook imports, files another lawsuit against Apple

Jan 16th , 2010  Apple retaliates: requests US import ban on Nokia phones




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