Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What’s going with Microsoft??

World is the most fascinating place. Its hard to expect the ray of hopes in Humans and effect of that Hope for Generations. Humans mostly try to be in groups and work, think, share with in groups or small communities. This had lead the Modern age man to organize the future for safety and better living trying to showcase all the efforts pre-generations went on.

Microsoft was one great company which was started as a collaboration between two young geeks and for a long Generation, Microsoft gained immense popularity and even critics. It was in the line of top innovative companies and drove most of the Internet Revolution of this Century. Slowly, things got diverted beyond the geeky stuff Microsoft had originally intended to. Microsoft enjoyed a long lasting victory in some areas of digital stuff. Mostly Internet browser, Operating System and Microsoft-Office, which is still the solo ruler in most corporate offices. Sometimes, life without any competition is a dull thing and life with competition is a hell thing. Apple, Sun Microsystems and Google were most of the Microsoft contenders and now Microsoft is going through rough phase of its journey.

First, lets talk Software Operating systems…… In this area Microsoft completely dominated the PC version of Os’s but It had failed more bitterly in Mobile Os versions. In Pc OS’s though Microsoft is enjoying its market share, its been punched constantly from Apple and various distros of Linux. Google is also planning to release it Android tablet version, which could give some serious competition to Microsoft here. Apple is constantly rising with its Mac Os and Linux being an open-source are harassing Microsoft sales. In mobile Os version Windows 7 Phone gained just 1.5% market share while Apple IOS is still the ruler in this area having more than 50% of Mobile Os market share and Android is flatly catching IOS numbers. But, most important thing is Mobile is the future of computing and Apple had done a great innovation in this aspect to push out everyone in this area.

Second, lets talk about hardware Systems…… Its the area where Microsoft was not at all intended to aim for!! Microsoft being a core Software entity just switched some logics and started making Computer hardware components from Mouse to web-cams to even projectors. Of course, there are competitors in this area also and still Microsoft is doing well looking out the sales it can be confirmed easily. Though Its not the best hardware provider,  Microsoft is still doing pretty good and quite innovative in this area. Competitors like Logitech, I-ball, Creative and Samsung are most of its competitors!!

thirdly, their gaming consoles XBOX….. this is the area where Microsoft is enjoying a great spotlights though there are many serious guys like Sony and Nintendo!!

So, What Microsoft is thinking now?? Its under a huge competition in Mobile section. its Os share is a constant lean??  Google’s Android is also posing more threat ?? There hadn't been any praised innovations since a long time except tweaking their softwares and hardwares. So, they need a perfect partner for their Mobile version story!!Coming to Mobiles, Android is an open-source and so, it can be adopted by any small or big company with just having a membership in OHA of Google. Apple’s IOS is a very closed open-source so Microsoft can’t reply on it. This is Microsoft’s turmoil


Nokia, was considered the best Mobile company till 2007 and since then its under constant huge threat from Apple. Apple released iPhone 2G and hadn’t looked back. Apple was on a roll and earned huge positive critics for its innovative and standard hardware products. At one stage in middle of century Apple was under threat from Microsoft and now Apple is threatening Microsoft.  Now, Nokia is completely out of its Innovation track and they are so greedy to become market giants again. Being top handset manufacturer Nokia  has software platforms like Symbian and Meego. Both platforms are in a turmoil with the rise of IOS and Android.

The latest news is Microsoft deal with Nokia. Though, its quite shocking and looking weird! its true, Microsoft and Nokia are coming together to regain some market share from Apple and Google.Its a weird hope for these both giants to mingle with, according to me. It will take easily more than 10 years for these both companies to push their limits and over throw Apple’s share in market. Most of the critics say Nokia should have tried for Android version as its completely open-source for development and publishing. of course, its up to Nokia but also Microsoft has it own Mobile version Windows 7 phone. So, its a very mess on the messy part right now for these both giants looking the way they had dealt for. its very tough to predict success and easily tough to predict failure. But, Some part of the development will feel the pressure. If Nokia makes windows 7 phone as officially supported Os for its Mobiles similar to HTC then Symbian and Meego will be stressed out. If Microsoft makes Symbian as at least official supported Mobile platform then Windows 7 Phone will be stress out as a money-oriented theme of Mobile carnage. Should see what these giants had in mind with this deal!! Early indications are also not that sweet to hope. Nokia-India CEO confirmed that it takes easily 15 months for a product of this combined deal. That’s a long time enough for Android to overtake IOS in market.

Hope their product make more churn and buzz than Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy!!