Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is ’Slumdog Millionaire’ Overrated??

Many Indians felt Danny’s film Slumdog Millionaire is a Overrated film considering its script and story.They  felt that there is nothing special in this film and its just common slum story.They are not feeling the questions that are given in the TV aided show ’Who wants to be a millionaire’ in the Film.According to Me This film deservers a lot beyond Oscars for just one thing, It shows what Indian Bollywood was not able to show, It shows the feelings of slum guys and the problems they face in very constructive manner, It showed the simple Rising India.

In India,If U see the films which are becoming hit U could  find They simply like story,music,dialogues and choreography in any film they don’t consider Film editor,Camera specialist,Technical specialist etc.. as a person to be recognized…Just take this ‘lagaan’ was a big hit in India and every Indian confirmed that this film deserves to get nominated in Oscars but there was utter failure.What they saw in the film was just the way the story goes and the same story which gives a sci-fi ecstasy of winning a cricket match(indirectly winning freedom).Just take the case of ‘rang-de-basanti’..It was expected to get in Nominations, there also it went undercarpet. Indians are not getting the concept that these stories look good for them But an outsider will not have a patience to watch a movie for more than 3 hours which is purely fictional and unnatural in many ways.

Considering ‘slumdog millionaire’ This film shows the real slums of Mumbai(of course, the script is based on the novel written by vikas swarop) where a boy from slums becomes a millionaire everything looks just normal for Indians as they had seen such shows( like ‘kaun banega crorepati’ shown in this movie as ’who will become millionare’).Its somuch normal film for Indians. Just see ‘the curious case of Benjamin Button’ here this film is a like sci-fi(unimaginable) but it shows a lot of reality that what could happen if such unimaginable thing happens and the theme of the film is a great thought.But,why it was not selected for ‘Golden Globe awards’ (As of now oscar nominations were just announced so we can’t talk of winning Oscar let us be at Golden Globe )According to me the answer is simple the effect on the viewer.In ‘The curious case of Benjamin Button’ viewer feels a lot about himself and death.But later the whole theme is neutralized or lessened by showing an old women’s love.There is nothing wrong for showing an Old women but Judges may have thought that Film ‘the curious case of Benjamin  button’shows more about Death while ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ has more about winning something in casual way .For any Non-Indian ‘Slumdog Millioanire’  looks new and awesome as they go on seeing the film as they hadn't seen such type of India and the nature of road-side Baggers and also shows like ‘who wants tobecome a Millinaire’ .THere is a lot to say But I consider U guys to watch the film 3 times consecutively to see what and how the camera is been used and the way dialogue is spoken.