Friday, January 30, 2009

Size Matters for NVIDIA

We have seen that AGP cards must be connected to motherboard internally or externally,But NVIDIA has developed a new concept of Graphics Processing and This concept has bagged a lot of awards along with “Best of CES 2009” award.Just look at the Pics down U can see a box which is double to the size of Mouse but this is the  best External graphics Solution to date possible.

image image



Intel Atom + GeForce 9400

GPU         10x performance

Compute Cores   1+ 16

Max Resolution      2560x1600

Video      HD (1080p)

Display      HDMI, dual-link DVI,

                       DP, or VGA (any 2)

Memory       128 bit DDR3 1333

PCI Express         1x16, 4x1 Gen2

Networking          10/100/1000

USB 12

Power      18W

Size        1709 sq mm

The black box at the right side is the Intel’s Atom processor. It is even Windows 7 ready and can be used with any type of system like Net book,notebook,tablet,desktop or even All-in-one Pc’s.With this GeForce 9400 and Intel Atom a normal Asus Netbooks was able to play call of duty 4.So check out in the market for this box and grab it as It has the real GPU in it.