Sunday, April 4, 2010

FORD on its New Idea, SYNC

                            Sometimes being low  also helps to achieve the good start needed when U come in limelight. Ford, 4th car giant behind Volkswagen, GM and Toyota is tumbling with Innovations.  Ford is the only company from the other three Detroit Car manufacturers  who hadn’t asked for Gov’t loan while GM and Chrysler gone bankrupt, and automatically downsized their operations making FORD the biggest Car manufacturer since the decade. So what's the new Innovation from Mulalley,CEO of FORD??                      


What happens if Your car is able to recognize Your voice and make/take decisions mutually, U and little IQ in the car??

What happens if You are able to make a call by just using Your voice not at all touching Your phone?? How it feels when You are able to select Your interested talk Radio/Music tracks by voice comfortably,without touching LCD beside for playlists>tracks blah..blah..blah..??
How much time and money can be saved if Your car is automatically giving You the preferred dining restaurants/Pubs/Golf courts in and around the City and also daily planner ,without a PA?? What if Your car reads out the new Tweet aloud for You and types the reply?? What if You are controlling Your phone apps without touching?? All these done while driving and not taking out Your hands from the wheel???

                              I think I had typed Too many questions ..lets go on!! We all know that  this stage of digital fortress is near but who came out first with such bug-friendly, high painstaking software?? Its the Microsoft again!! Voila, The perfect and friendly software giant again!!Bill Gates and Mulalley went across each other at 2005 at Dearborn tech meeting. It was the moment where an Open-Source concept called SYNC rolled in to papers between them and now its the Piece of Software that sits in Your car allowing other company products to connect. So, SYNC recognizes Your Phone what's next??? How can You make all the tasks in the above paragraph?? SYNC is open-source :) So, Outside Programmers from the Tech Companies like Blackberry, Nokia, Sony, Samsung .. list goes on ….etc are supposed to write the code compatible for this new Windows flavor(SYNC).

                                  Preparing an add-on code for SYNC to connect a phone is painstaking ?? Big NO,OpenBeak and Pandora the 2 third-party mobile developers are able to prepare SYNC-specific software just in 10 days..!!Pandora CEO,Tim Westergren quoted that using Pandora Radio with SYNC is far more elegant than in a Player and using Voice to navigate Radio is far greater experience  ..! Hmm,Lucky Guy to see and feel the new Tech.

                                   What this SYNC can Do,  is like what apple SDK did?? Apple SDK is the Software Development Kit for iPhone which had revolutionized the whole mobile app development, it created earnings for a lot of jobless youth, which gave variety of apps for consumers indirectly driving iPhone sales. SYNC  being an  open-source code is not at all costly. Stage might come where You can download the Your Phone’s SYNC code directly from your phone manufacturer site! I can foresee what happens if an unknown  programmer who is not at all connected to FORD and Your Mobile manufacturer  is coding an app to provide GPS navigation On Your Phone! Variety is truly the spice of life :D