Monday, April 19, 2010

Honda CUB the best selling MotorCycle


There are already 40 million Cubs build, making it the best selling motorcycle. This is a simple machine with a massive appeal in to American and European economies and with its 4 Break Horsepower, it still manages to run 50 Mph. To demonstrate the reliability of the Cub  in the video presenter tried to destroy it, using several methods:

Mess up the engine:

By draining all the oil and replacing it with normal cooking oil, the engine should crack up. Fortunate for the CUB it still manage to work even after riding a couple of miles.


In the next effort to destroy the CUB, it was overloaded with 200 kilograms, which it could withstand flawlessly.

Drastic measures:

In the final attempt to kill the CUB, it was thrown of a 22 meters tall building. When the CUB collapses it hit the ground with a staggering 54 Mph speed.

Although part of the framework and the wheels get severely damaged, the true measure of its quality is to try to get the engine running... it may not surprise you that after inserting the ignition key and gently applying the kickstarter, this incredible strong vehicle starts without a cough.

In a final statement the presentor says that it would probably only gets destroyed by using C4 plastic explosive. Because the Honda CUB is such a cheap, realiable, strong motorcycle, it is rewarded as the Number One motorcycle in the world.