Saturday, April 10, 2010

Something is wrong in strategy of licensing, Apple?

Its been a good month so far for apple with its iPad hitting as many streets as possible and release of its next version of  iPhone OS called as iPhone Os 4. Things are very well good for Apple Inc but now something's wrong with its friendly strategy.

Apple when releasing its new iPhone Os 4 Jobs stated the age old flash is not supported which raised lot of eyebrows for such an act by Apple.Though Adobe has developed AIR(Adobe Integrated Runtime) Apple blocked it for iPhone, iPod touch and now iPad.

Flash is one of the content loaded for intuitively using the hardware which can’t be done using some  native source code.Now, Flash is so big that its the web Os for latest Dell 12” tablet



Adobe was criticized a lot for its security loopholes in its content which annoyed Microsoft a lot. Later things changed to All iz well relying on Flash all time. Still Apple making such a move of not supporting Adobe’s Flash can be considered as a weak strategy for its developers and customers, A Big Weak Strategy!!.Now, Apple Developers are still using the same old iPhone SDK for which supports C,C++ and JavaScript nothing more than that and Today there are bundle of  languages which are well versed for low-cost mobile-end application development like Python, C#, Ruby, BizTalk, HTML 5, Android, Symbian etc…Seems like Android and Symbian?? yeah! Why don't U integrate app development for the later Android and Symbian also this could drive the whole Mobile Development Crazy rather than targeting Adobe products?? This friendly strategy could churn out lot of good-developers  in to limelight .

Things are not similar at Developer’s end! They got messed up..This post by Dan Grigsby is clear that Apple is very much introvert and profit oriented!Poor Guy, He is quitting iPhone app Development and is going for Google Android.I think there is a turmoil over there!!

Apple scheme of not adding any code to make Flash run in its devkit is like bluntly hitting Adobe again! Apple started ask-permission policy for iPhone developers to make their way in to iPhone market but now with Dan Grigsby quitting it looks like all the good is vanishing and nonstandard is filled up there!


Its clear some guys like Microsoft opens up their walls to let anyone do anything in their machines while Apple has always a closed wall and We being accustomed to ideology of Microsoft  looks out for freedom on everything rather than the consequences in the service . Its just clash of Ideas  not clash of  Apple, Microsoft, Adobe etc..and We all are pawns in it ..